These Vicious Masks Review

These Vicious Masks

These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas

Title: These Vicious Masks

Author: Tarun Shanker + Kelly Zekas

Song: The Godfather Love Theme

Published: February 9, 2016               # of Pages: 320

Date Started: March 31, 2016             Date Ended: March 31, 2016

Category: Fiction, Historical?

Rating: ♥♥♥


England, 1882. Evelyn is bored with society and its expectations. So when her beloved sister, Rose, mysteriously vanishes, she ignores her parents and travels to London to find her, accompanied by the dashing Mr. Kent. But they’re not the only ones looking for Rose. The reclusive, young gentleman Sebastian Braddock is also searching for her, claiming that both sisters have special healing powers. Evelyn is convinced that Sebastian must be mad, until she discovers that his strange tales of extraordinary people are true—and that her sister is in graver danger than she feared.”


I’d seen this book all over the Internet a while back and decided to pick it up. Not gonna lie, I was disappointed with it. Sure it had some good parts but it was basically a recycle book. Copying an idea of someone else’s but then trying to change it and call it off as your own? Not cool. The historical fiction in this wasn’t really that must historical fiction at all. Sure there were again points that hinted at certain things but it wasn’t clear out Historical Fiction. So yes I was not happy about it. But none the less it was still a fun read. Slow in some parts, but fun I guess.

The plot, the opening was bland I found and could have been more. It didn’t really truly bring info about our lead. It showed her sass that was for sure but nothing else. The rising action was good. I enjoyed the hunt for what was going to happen next. But by the time we reached the climax, it just started to sound like ‘X Men’ to much. Falling action was well done, some slow parts that could have easily been edited out, but that was fine. But when we got to the conclusion, oh my god it was as if they copied ‘X Men’ and changed the names and genders of the characters and added some things to it. I was not impressed with this. I honestly expected more. Not some book that was trying to be pulled off as a Historical Fiction when it was really a knock off of a movie with a slight plot difference. And I mean Slight. I don’t even know why I bothered with it, but I guess it was because I was intrigued with it. *sigh*

The characters where good, only one or two characters really developed but even then not so much. Plus, the first majority part of the book was confusing trying to figure out what character was talking and who was who. {took me almost 5 chapters to figure it out} Our female lead Miss Evelyn Wyndham, she was sassy, annoying at times and slightly a bore from time to time. A majority of the book was as if she was to weak to handle herself and needed a mans help. But at the end she stood on her own. There was some character development but nothing to brag about honestly. Our male lead Mr Sebastian Braddock was strong, cold, secretive, powerful and deadly. {not to mention sexy as hell} I actually liked his character way better than the female lead. Then we had our Villain, Dr Beck. He was a mad scientist in a way. Nothing much to say about his character since we didn’t really see that much of him. Besides these two, we had our supporting characters. Miss Rose Wyndham, Evelyn’s little sister {seen as older sister some times}, Mr Kent, Evelyn’s love interest. Miss Laura Kent, Mr Kents little sister, and Miss Grey, Rosa and Evelyn’s old teacher. These characters helped add drama to the story. There where some smaller characters as well like Camilla who also helped out the story. They where all unique characters and I enjoyed reading their sass.

Overall, this book was okay. Nothing spectacular, and I definitely didn’t like how it took ideas from ‘X Men’ I believe the authors could have made a more unique story than this. But none the less the story was enjoyable and I laughed, screamed, and mentally hit certain characters since I didn’t like what they did. If you’re into a book that has similar ideas as movies, then I think you’ll love this one. Not much a good book for the Historical Fiction fans though.

Congratulations Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas on a good book. Hopefully the next book will be better. {and not so movie theme based}


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