Guile Review


Guile by Constance Cooper

Title: Guile

Author: Constance Cooper

Song: Jazz playlists on Youtube

Published: March 1, 2016          # of Pages: 384

Date Started: May 11, 2016         Date Ended: May 15, 2016

Category: Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


In the Bad Bayous the water is thick with guile, a powerful substance that wreaks unpredictable changes on objects, animals, and even people who soak too long. 

Sixteen-year-old orphan Yonie Watereye scrapes a living posing as someone who can sense the presence of guile, though in fact she has no such power–it’s her talking cat, LaRue, who secretly performs the work.

While hunting for the secrets of her mother’s past, Yonie discovers that someone is selling dangerous guile-changed objects for malicious purposes. Soon the resourceful Yonie and her feline companion face threats that could end their adventuring forever. 

Reviewers have called Guile a refreshingly unique cross-genre novel with fantasy, mystery, and adventure elements.”


This book was sent to me as an ARC from Rain Coast Books in return for an honest review.

First of all, this book was absolutely AMAZING! I mean WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS ONE SOONER?! It was on my April TBR but I didn’t get to it. I regret this choice now. SINCE IT WAS THAT GOOD.

The plot was absolutely fantastic. It flowed wonderfully and it stayed face action and had a lot of drama. It was highly enjoyable, especially that opening. It introduced us to our Female lead and her background a bit. It progressed throughout the novel and I really liked it. The rising action was dramatic and action packed. With just a hint of mystery. And when it reached the Climax. HOLY CRAP. IT WAS SO GOOD AND THE PLOT TWISTS! The Plot Twists where just oh my amazing. The falling action was intense and filling with drama and mystery along with a hint of romance. That conclusion? Absolutely phenomenal. I loved the way the author tied up loose ends. And ended it on a good note. {partially sad that my OTP didn’t set sail but oh well} I still highly enjoyed this book.

The characters where wonderful! Plus, all of their character developments where written beautifully. Again even though I wish my OTP set sail… Hopefully in the future though. Our female lead Yonie Watereye, is a 16-year-old Orphan in the Bad Bayous. She works as a ‘Pearly’ someone who can sense the presence of guile. Which is a very magical substance. She’s on the hunt for her heritage, and will stop at nothing until she finds out about her parents. Then we had our Male Lead, Gilbert. Yonie’s cousin, who helps her in a way that you wouldn’t think that would be possible. {not in a sick way} besides these two, we also had our supporting characters. LaRue, a cat who has been with Yonie since she was a young child. Besides her we also had some minor characters such as, Luc, a bartender in her home town. Renee, who you’ll find out about later on in the story. And Justine, Yonie’s friend. All of these characters where absolutely fantastic and I loved them all! If only this book wasn’t a stand alone… It was so good and I need more of them.

I highly enjoyed this book, the location it took place, the characters. And the amazing story the author created. It was just wonderful and I can’t wait to see more of this author.

Congratulations Constance Cooper on a wonderful work of art. {no pun intended}


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