Q&A with James and Oliver Phelps at Fan Expo 2016

During the weekend of April 23-24 2016, I was able to meet the amazing, fantastic, magical WEASLEY TWINS! The jokers of the bunch, plus they have a habit of sneaking about Hogwarts. And thanks to Fan Expo Canada I was able to interview these two! James and Oliver where so kind and funny. I was so honored that I was able to ask them questions. These questions I will be sharing with you today where all done in person. Plus, I’ll be including some photos from my time at the event. Now onto the interview!



 “Throughout your years of Filming in the Harry Potter Movies, you where pushed to your breaking points. What Scene(s) do you feel you just couldn’t handle before snapping?”


James: “I’d have to say Quidditch was quite a challenge. It was mostly because it was repetitive, and it had to be inch by inch perfect all the time. And in the third movie it was in the rain, so we got all dolled up before going onto the broom sticks (Which aren’t that comfortable thing to sit on). And when we went to sit on them they said “oh no, we’re in the rain” so they threw water all over us. So now we where soaking wet and we went to sit on the brooms, then they said we need more water so they got the sprinkler on blast behind us. Sprinkling the water on top of us. Now that was a challenging day.”

Oliver: “Yeah, I’d have to say Quidditch was a bit, is a bit tedious as well. Cause you had to do the exact same pose down to the millisecond. That would be mine.”


“What was your Favorite Harry Potter Book and Harry Potter Film?”


deathly hallows pt 2James: “I’d have to say Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the book, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firprisoner of ae for the movie.”

Oliver: “Hmm, I’d have to say that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was my favorite book, and that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was my favorite movie.”


“What was your favorite class at Hogwarts?”


James: “I reckon; I say Herbology. Because you know gardening, just for something to do.”

Oliver in reply to James answer, “I always thought, do they ever sell Mandrakes as Sleeping Aids? You know since their cry puts people to sleep? Like if you where on a plane and there was a screaming kid, oh look I got a screaming Mandrake! *laughs* You can see what goes through my mind now.”

Oliver: “My favorite class… It’s actually ENDING a class. Or Exams. Because I always thought, how cool would it be if while sitting in exams, two guys came flying in on broomsticks with a massive dragon, fireworks and end everything. That is my favorite.”


“Would you rather fight a basilisk for an hour? Or the dragon Harry had tot battle in the Tri Wizards tournament for an hour?”

“I don’t know, probably the dragon by the end of it.  I reckon at some point you’d win him over. And then you’d give up.”

Olivers reply, “He isn’t toothless, he’s a dragon!”

“He’s like a dog though isn’t he? I can train a dog nicely.”

Oliver: “I chose the Basilisk. Because I know what I have to do with it, get to high ground!”

James reply to Oliver, “Well I can train the Dragon, hey it’s like a movie! And you can have the snake.”


“In the books, who where you most upset about to find out they where dead? Besides Fred.”snape


James: “Oh well I can think of one guy.” *looked at his brother* “I don’t know, I think Hedwig. After that I don’t know.”

*Someone shouts PROFESSOR SNAPE* *People Gasp*

Oliver: “Yeah, he was sad wasn’t he… There where a few actually. Professor Quirrell… This is such a hard question honestly.”


“If you where asked to come back in the future and play a different Harry Potter character in a remaking of the films, who would you be? And why?”


James: “I would have to say Gilderoy Lockhart. Even though he only showed up in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I think he’s a pretty decent guy. Plus, the man who played him did fantastic. But I don’t think I’d be as good as he was. It would still be fun to try though.”

Oliver: “I have to say Dobby the House Elf. He is still one of my favourites, plus I think he would be quite enjoyable to play. Even though he does die in the end…”


“How did you develop the characteristics for your roles, especially since you had such little experience acting. Did you just read the books or did you ask JK Rowling for tips?”

“We kinda just evolved with them I guess. Because we where told during practices that we where the clowns of the classroom. When we where filming, I was the complete opposite. I was shy, very happy to be at the back of the photo. Being my character made me more outgoing because you couldn’t have a shy Fred or George. So, I guess in a way we both evolved together. It was great to be a character that I could just go with, and people didn’t question it.”

Oliver: “I think anyone at fourteen, and you’re a guy and are told to just have fun, it’s not like you’re a serious character. You would become a bit ignorant on film, and forget that this was going to go on film forever. We both just went with it. Then we asked JK Rowling what she thought, and she said we did great. And to keep up the good work. That was the only person we really had to hear it from.”


Those my friends where all the questions I was able to ask in the time I was given. But I do hope you all enjoyed their answers! I had so much fun asking them these, and just being in their presence was FANTASTIC!!! Sorry I’m still Fangirling about it… *Squeals in delight* Now I shall share with all of you some of the wonderful photos I took while there! Including a photo of the twins. Also, make sure to check out my Instagram for more info on my Harry Potter Giveaway coming once I hit 2K.



While these two where at the event, they got to see two twin boys cosplaying their own characters! And with the boys permission, I shall be sharing their cosplays with you all! They blew my mind when I saw them, and I know they definitely blew the actors minds. 

image1 (1)

Twin Brothers dressed up like the Weasley Twins

These two boys where so nice and they were so excited to see their favorite characters. And to be featured on my blog! Until next year Weasley Boys.

Alright, now the next three photos are of a Wizarding Family who somehow manages to get along. With Voldemort, Professor  Mcgonagall, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Dolores Umbridge, and Sybill Trelawney in the mix. This family is surely going places. Plus they are all HUGE fans of the books/movies, and won the costume contest for their epic group cosplay.


Voldemort and Professor Mcgonagall 

Just look at that detail people! Only a true Harry Potter Fan would do that. Just Spectacular! The details are just FANTASTIC! Look at her expression. She never broke character, and it was so much fun to see her.


Sybill Trelawney


Then we had the marvelous and Pink, Dolores Umbridge! With Mr. Draco Malfoy and Mr. Potter. These two little boys where so adorable, and fun to see. They had their serious faces all ready for action. And honestly you all just need to see it.

“I must not tell lies.” Harry Potter

I mean come on guys, look how cute they all are! The best cosplay for Harry Potter I’ve seen in a long time. {Besides the twins above of course}.

image3 (1)

Dolores Umbridge, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter

Overall, I say this event was a success! I got to interview the Weasley Twins, got some epic Harry Potter swag {check out my Instagram for photos}, plus I was surrounded by amazing Fans. I can’t wait to see what happens next year! 


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