Zodiac Review


Zodiac by Romina Russell

Title: Zodiac

Author: Romina Russell

Song: The Silent Force by Within Temptation

Published: December 9, 2014        # of Pages: 325

Date Started: February 17, 2016    Date Ended: February 18, 2016

Category: Fiction, Fantasy

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


 At the dawn of time, there were 13 Houses in the Zodiac Galaxy. Now only 12 remain….
Rhoma Grace is a 16-year-old student from House Cancer with an unusual way of reading the stars. While her classmates use measurements to make accurate astrological predictions, Rho can’t solve for ‘x’ to save her life—so instead, she looks up at the night sky and makes up stories.
When a violent blast strikes the moons of Cancer, sending its ocean planet off-kilter and killing thousands of citizens—including its beloved Guardian—Rho is more surprised than anyone when she is named the House’s new leader. But, a true Cancerian who loves her home fiercely and will protect her people no matter what, Rho accepts.
Then, when more Houses fall victim to freak weather catastrophes, Rho starts seeing a pattern in the stars. She suspects Ophiuchus—the exiled 13th Guardian of Zodiac legend—has returned to exact his revenge across the Galaxy. Now Rho—along with Hysan Dax, a young envoy from House Libra, and Mathias, her guide and a member of her Royal Guard—must travel through the Zodiac to warn the other Guardians.
But who will believe anything this young novice says? Whom can Rho trust in a universe defined by differences? And how can she convince twelve worlds to unite as one Zodiac?
Embark on a dazzling journey with ZODIAC, the first novel in an epic sci-fi-meets-high-fantasy series set in a galaxy inspired by the astrological signs.”


HOLY CRAP. I have been told about this book a couple of times and FINALLY picked it up to read. Honestly I believe this is the best Sci Fi novel I have ever read since Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Definitely going to be looking into more of her work. This book is an earth shattering experience all wrapped up into one out of this world book {Pun Intended}. The emotion, feeling, and drama in this story is life changing. And I couldn’t imagine one thing that could have changed in it. {Except maybe a certain death.}

The plot of this story takes a twist on the traditional theme of the Zodiac. The signs you are from your date of birth. But in this book, your sign is your culture. Your family. Your right. But would you do everything in your power to protect it? I honestly really quite enjoyed the idea behind this novel. The whole theme of the Zodiac and what they do intrigued me. I couldn’t put it down! The opening was wonderful! It gave us an idea of what our main character was like, which was very energetic and unique. The rising action was intense and jaw dropping, I was mind blown by how good it was. Then the climax? Can I say, Romina Russell you are a goddess?! It was so good and thrilling! I couldn’t put it down at all. The falling action was very well written and again it was thrilling and heart breaking. Finally, the conclusion. Do I even want to bring up my heart aching feels in this? Probably not but I must. IT WAS INSANE. The PLOT TWIST at the end hit me hard in the feels department and I was a feels filled mess. That’s how AMAZING it was. I loved every moment of the story, the details and emotion in this story was wonderful.

Alas now we have our characters! First our Female Lead and main character, Rho. From the house Cancer, the crab. She was a very interesting character. She was pushed into something she didn’t really want at first, because of something she didn’t understand. She was unique and I loved the way she was written. {even though I thought she should have been with someone else… *cough cough*} She was still very good and let me tell you, THE LOVE TRIANGLE WAS REAL. Then we had our two male leads/supporting characters. First Mathias from house Cancer, he was strong headed and didn’t quite like the idea of Rho in a certain position at first. But after a while he warmed up to not only her but to the reader. I quite enjoyed reading about him. And I felt at certain times he was the third wheel, and his confession? Oh how my feels cried. Second was Hysan from house Leo, a strong brave leader. He had some secrets of his own that where shared over time, but he also had wonderful ideas. That in the end could either save them all, or destroy their world. After all of those wonderful main characters we also had our Supporting characters. Such as Nishiko, our female leads best friend, Caaseum the twin guardian of the Gemini, and Sirna one of the helpers. These supporting characters where some of many! And all of them added to this story to help with it. To add drama and uniqueness to it all. I loved all of these characters and I couldn’t imagine them better than this.

Overall, this story was fantastic and I can’t wait until I read the second book Wandering Star next! I must know what happens to Rho and the rest of the gang in the following story. Plus, the third books title has just been revealed by the brilliant author! BLACK MOON. I can’t wait until it comes out so I can read it also!

Congratulations Romina Russell on a brilliant novel! I am looking forward to reading more from you!


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