Inside The Pages

Welcome to my blog!

Inside The Pages has always been a dream of mine to start. And from the support and love from my Epic fellow Fangirl/Fanboy friends and family, I finally had the courage to start it!

I believe that teens and even adults should read YA. Because it gives you new worlds to read and imagine about. These books could Scare you, make you laugh, or even {we all know this on} make you cry. Here at Inside The Pages, I will be telling you about many different genres of YA. Mostly Fantasy, Si-Fi, and sometimes even Horror {which might I add wont be a lot of since I dislike scary things}. But also I will be talking about some of the most recent Book to Movie Adaptions {this includes TV shows also}.

Along with all my Book Reviews and Movie/TV news, I will also be Interviewing amazing authors! These interviews will include some QA and some little funny stories from the authors themselves! I will try to make these as fun as possible, along with even getting some of you lovely readers/subscribers questions answered also! Sometimes I will also be doing giveaways, these may include some books, bookmarks {signed by authors}, or just some author goodies! So stay tuned!

All of the photos on my account belong to me and where taken by me unless said otherwise, so please DON’T take credit for them.

Thank you all again for coming and reading my blog Inside The Pages!


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